ETH 2 0 The Merge Trade Explained Future of Ethereum Ecosystem and Competitors

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in this video I've explained all you need to know about Ethereum #merge or #ETH 2.0 or The Merge Trade. The #Ethereum Blockchain is shifting to #POS consensus Network shutting down its #POW consensus chain. I've explained in details about how this shift can effect only only Ethereum or ETH ecosystem but the whole crypto market. if you're searching for" What is ETH 2.0 or ETH 2.0 Explained or Ethereum Merge kia hai? Ethereum merge se kia hoga, merge k baad ETH price kia hoghee, ETH price prediction after merge, then you've clicked on the right video. Following is the timeline of my video so you can jump to the channel you're interested in:
1- Ethereum ETH 2.0 Merge Background & Intro 00:00
2- merge k baad kia hoga aur kya nai? 03:08
3- apko Ethereum merge per bullish Q hona chahiye? 10:42
4- agar ETH merge fail hogaya tu? 20:55
5- ETH merge ka ethereum ecosystem per kia impact hoga? 22:03
6- ethereum merge ka ETH competitors per kia impact hoga? 23:45
7- kia Ethereum split hoga kia EthPoW new chain hoghee? and how to benefit from it? 27:12

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