Ethan Vera: Co-founding Luxor, Bitcoin Mining, & Commoditised Hashrate - #Bitcoin with Jake #62

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"Miners are basically almost like the Federal bankers of a more just, set in stone, rule-based system that can't be altered by our will." - Ethan Vera

BWJ 062: After working hard to get into the banking world, Ethan Vera was pitched a BTC Mining Pool business. He's one of the founders of Luxor Technologies who provide a wide offering of financial services to Bitcoin mining companies.

In this episode you will learn about:
- 00:00 Start
- 2:01 A business proposition
- 5:03 Mining pool overview
- 10:04 The skills in their team
- 12:41 They identified a problem
- 16:05 The competitive landscape
- 18:08 Mining company bankruptcies
- 23:50 Computing power is going to be the most traded commodity
- 29:52 Unrivaled power grid demand response
- 26:30 Most important thing if you're an entrepreneur
- 42:29 Only way to have longevity
- 49:44 Is Ethan a maxi?

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