Ethereum Miner App Android/iOS - How to Mine Ethereum on Your Phone in 2021! ($30+ per day)

How to mine ethereum on your phone in 2021 will be explained in this video, and I will teach you guys step by step on how to get the Ethereum Miner App for Android and iOS downloaded onto your phones. If you follow this guide, step by step, carefully - you will know how to mine ethereum on your phones! It's super simple, and then you will be making around $30-50 per day, with the ethereum miner app and the pools will connect and then you will be able to mine ethereum and other cryptocurrencies on your phone, both iOS and Android work.

This app does allow you to mine other crypto, not just Ethereum and I will be updating you guys later, so make sure to like, subscribe and share! This app has been and will be updated frequently to help give back to the community - and I will update you all if there is another app that comes out, which will work for both iOS and Android.

Hope you guys have a nice day!
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