Everyone Has This All Wrong About The Bitcoin Price | Max Keiser

In a highly combative interview with Stansberry research, Bitcoin Maximalist Max Keiser didn’t hold back his thoughts on the current landscape of the crypto industry, calling anyone involved with shitcoins coins as frauds… directly calling out Kevin O’Leary, Mike Novogratz, and Sam Bankman-Fried. Max Keiser previously called for Bitcoin to hit $220,000, twice which clearly fell woefully short. Keiser dismissed his inaccurate short-term prediction, urging views to now focus on the price, (which in his eyes is a lagging indicator), but rather, focus on the community and the actions being performed on the network. According to Keiser, plenty of activity is taking place on the bitcoin network and money is coming in at a record pace. However, the price remains stagnant, still trading for just above $17,000. Keiser points out, much to the same tune as Michael Saylor, that if you’re in for the short-term gains, then you’re looking at this all wrong and you’re just gambling. He believes you need at least a 4 year time horizon.
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