Everything about Oath of Peak : MMORPGs using blockchain technology

Oath of Peak is set to launch in January of next year. It’s another MMORPG, entering an arena of gaming currently dominated by the likes of World of Warcraft, Guild Wars and Lost Ark. However, it’s a love of those games that inspired Yeeha Games to embark on this journey. As Yeeha’s head of live operations Grant Zhang says, it’s the appreciation of the genre that largely drove the decision-making behind Oath of Peak.
They also wanted to make something unique, which is why it is going to feature blockchain technology.
In this video, you get full details about “Oath Of Peak”: the players, settings, theme and all. Surprisingly, the game will be free and will be available on all devices…
Check out their Official Website: https://yeehagames.com/game/oathofpeak for all necessary info.
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