Experts Warning Of 5-Year Crypto Bear Market! (Worse Than Dotcom Crash)

Financial Institutions continue to defend their liquidation levels but the domino effect has just begun! Experts are warning of one of the longest most drawn-out bear markets Crypto has ever seen. This could get really bad. !n todays Friday Banter, Cryptoman Ran is joined by 3 crypto experts, Vinny Lingham, Mike Alfred, and Jordi Alexander, to discuss how to survive the onslaught of what is yet to come for the crypto market. Don't miss this Banter!

Guest channels:

Vinny Lingham
Twitter - https://twitter.com/VinnyLingham

Jordi Alexander
Twitter - https://twitter.com/gametheorizing
Website - https://www.selinicapital.com/

Mike Alfred
Twitter - https://twitter.com/mikealfred

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