Finally! NVIDIA Memory Temps in a Linux Mining OS (w/ MMPOS)

In this video I walk through the latest update to MMPOS, a Linux-based Mining OS, which now includes NVIDIA VRAM temperature monitoring. Let's hope these memory temps make it to other Mining Operating Systems soon!


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Video Chapters:
00:00 RTX 30 Series GPUs VRAM Temps in MMPOS
00:24 NVIDIA VRAM Sensor Reading in Linux
00:56 Flashing MMPOS to an SSD
01:08 Creating the MMPOS Config File
01:44 Registering A Mining Rig with MMPOS
02:34 NVIDIA Memory Temperatures in Linux with MMPOS!
03:01 How to Start Mining with MMPOS
03:46 How to Overclock GPUS with MMPOS
04:50 Why is this possible now? HiveOS WHEN?!

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