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FUNToken is developed specifically for the online gaming industry. The project combines the qualities of the Ethereum blockchain with a cutting-edge tech stack, enabling the ecosystem to develop further FUN token use cases.
FUNToken supports a new age of digital gaming through the following features:
Fast transactions: Users may maximize their playing time due to rapid wallet-to-wallet and in-game transactions.
Transparent: Transactions are decentralised, publicly recorded, and trackable.
Seamless: Users may trade and transfer FUN seamlessly across various exchanges. Compared against the traditional online gaming experience, the Ethereum blockchain provides a faster and simpler experience.
The project aims to develop a FUNToken ecosystem, whereby other gaming operators are incentives to integrate the FUN tokens on their platform. Through the FUNToken ecosystem, stakeholders may benefit from further product development, and the user base of FUN token holders.
In the near future, the team aims to develop a new casino and other gaming opportunities using the FUN tokens. The FUNToken team plans to migrate to a sidechain to reduce transaction cost and avoid future congestion on Ethereum. The migration will be a 1:1 bridging mechanism with FUN, with no changes to the token supply.
The team is working on a strategic burn schedule for the FUN Tokens, ensuring that the FUN retains value into the future.
As at April 28th 2021, the total supply of FUN tokens is approximately 10.99 Billion, with a circulating supply of 10.29 Billion.
USDT : 0x7dbc09b8a0fc31ab4d825504840ff81203fcf9a9

BNB : bnb136ns6lfw4zs5hg4n85vdthaad7hq5m4gtkgf23

BITCOIN : 18rk2ABKxqaiQJgf8ZVhxRNp2oWG7B8A4B

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