Future in Blockchain | web3 startups | Octopus Ventures & Netzero Capital | Imperial College London

Is the world in danger of massive technological unemployment? Future of Work experts estimate that by 2030, 375 million employees worldwide will have to retrain, and 70 per cent of today’s learners will work in professions that have not yet arisen. In a context where skills in blockchain are becoming essential to address the most pressing issues of the century, this series of talks will introduce the underlying concepts behind blockchain technology and discuss how to start a career in this space. The seminars are open to students and professionals interested in understanding the current state of blockchain technology and networking with key actors in the field.

01 June 5:00-6:00PM BST | Web3 Startups |

This fireside chat with the leading blockchain VCs will discuss all things web3 startups, raising funds and scaling in the blockchain space related.

Speakers: Zihao Xu, Principal at Octopus Ventures, Oxford alumn, focusing on deals within fintech, and distributed ledger technologies & Lawrence Tili, Partner at Netzero Capital, Imperial College’s alumn, focusing on investments in DeFi and Blockchain.

What level of technical knowledge is required? There is no technical knowledge requirement!
Can someone without a technical background join? Yes, absolutely!
How do I sign up? Free ticket to each online seminar can be booked via the eventbrite page: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/327640691127/

Sponsor: NEAR Foundation
Partners: Mana Search, Ledger, POAP.fr, Imperial Blockchain Society, Dyson School of Design Engineering
Athena Hackathon partners: Deliveroo, CISCO, VISA, Lloyd’s Bank, NHS Digital

Host: Mimi Nguyen, Doctoral Research at Imperial College London, Faculty of Engineering. Her research on creativity and human-computer interaction has been published by Cambridge University Press, Design Research Society, TIME Magazine, and ACM Association for Computing Machinery.
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