Future of Blockchain 2023 | What Is The Future Of Blockchain Technology | Blockchain | Simplilearn

This video on Future of Blockchain covers all the expectations and sceptism related to What is the future of Blockchain Technology. We all know last year was a year filled with ups and downs for cryptocurrency, yet there were some popular upgrades taking place like the Ethereum merge and origin of ethereum 2.0. Likewise, This video will give you an idea of what Blockchain Technology has achieved till date and what other projects and investments are waiting for Blockchain Technology in coming years and how it is going to effect multiple sectors of technolgy like cybersecurity, cloud storage etc. By the end of this video I can assure you that all your doubts related to Blockchain Technology and its status in upcoming years will be cleared.

In this video, you will learn:
00:00 Introduction to Blockchain Technology
01:36 What Is Blockchain Technology?
02:37 Advancements of Blockchain Technology Till Today
03:38 Future of Blockchain
07:31 Expectations With Blockchain Technology

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