Gilbert Villaflor - Technology, Transaction & Privacy Law Attorney Profile - Perkins Coie

For close to fifteen years, Gilbert J. Villaflor has counseled companies in a broad range of industries on complex technology-driven business deals with significant strategic impact. Gilbert advises clients on challenging business and intellectual property (IP) issues associated with the development, licensing, distribution, sale, and acquisition of technology products and services. As a seasoned attorney with in-house experience, he provides practical and business-oriented advice to his clients focused on cost-effective solutions and achieving outcomes.

Gilbert’s clients include established global companies and early-stage ventures driving innovation in software, cloud computing, machine learning, interactive entertainment, video games, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), blockchain, big data analytics, and life sciences. He works closely with clients starting from research and development (R&D) activities through commercialization and distribution. As part of this work, Gilbert routinely structures, negotiates, and advises clients on complex agreements, including those for IP licensing and development, professional services, software, software as a service (SaaS), multimedia content, original equipment manufacturers (OEM), distribution, strategic alliances, go-to-market, and joint venture arrangements. Clients rely on him to help them navigate thorny issues and develop strategies relating to IP ownership, protection, and licensing, data privacy and security, open source software usage, monetization models, risk mitigation, and pre-litigation dispute analysis and resolution.

In addition, Gilbert assists companies in traditionally less technology-focused industries as they undergo digital transformations and implement technologies to adapt and grow their businesses. He has extensive experience representing both providers and customers on information technology (IT) transactions, including various as-a-service models, enterprise resource planning (ERP), system integrations, and managed services. This experience gives him valuable insight into market trends and approaches, which he efficiently uses to help position his clients for successful outcomes.

Before joining Perkins Coie, Gilbert served as in-house IP transactions counsel for a Fortune 200 leading developer of data storage solutions, where he was responsible for partnering directly with company stakeholders on a wide range of operational and product development issues. He also served as a trusted business partner to leadership teams on key strategic initiatives, including a cross-border joint venture in China and a company-transforming multibillion-dollar acquisition. Gilbert’s in-house experience enables him to understand what is important to businesses, provide actionable advice, and help clients manage both legal and business risks.
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