Glitch Finance: Layer 1 Blockchain Super-Protocol That is Massively Undervalued Heading into Q4

Hustlepedia is back today with another DeFi gem, and today we are covering Glitch Finance, a blockchain-agnostic super protocol designed to facilitate trustless money markets. Built from the ground up, GLITCH is the world’s first for-purpose DeFi smart contract platform constructed to support a global alternative to the traditional financial system. Led by a team of seasoned blockchain professionals and prominent advisors, the GLITCH protocol offers high transaction throughput, near-zero transaction fees, and a profit-sharing model that rewards investors, dApp developers, and end-users. Glitch compares their projects speeds and capabilities with the likes of Avalanche and Polkadot. We cover why there is a lot to love about the Glitch Blockchain, the dApps they are building, as well as why this project can run up towards all time highs in the 2021 Q4 bull run, and upcoming alt season.

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