Gold Can Do Things That Bitcoin Cannot, I’m Still a Fan: Ethereum Co-Founder Exclusive

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The absence of sound money in conventional financial markets and Fiat currencies today is what has led to the success of cryptocurrencies, according to Etheruem co-founder and CEO of Decentral, Anthony Di Iorio.

Bitcoin and Ethereum exist because of the deficiencies of financial institutions and government currencies, he tells our Daniela Cambone. Di Iorio navigates through the founding days of Ethereum in this exclusive interview, where he discusses joining forces with Vitalik Buterin and building, "the interface for blockchain technologies," known as the digital wallet.
"It's definitely possible," Ethereum can take charge and surpass Bitcoin, he proclaims. The Ethereum co-founder sees value in physical assets like gold, stating that, “everything can have value for somebody in certain circumstances.”

“Seeking freedom,” has been Di Iorio's life mission, and was implemented as a founding principal of Ethereum, Di Iorio concludes.

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