In this Golden BUSD review, we take a look at this incredibly innovative new BUSD miner that utilizes a functional utility to support its TVL, setting it apart from other miners and supporting long term sustainability. The Golden BUSD miner offers a unique opportunity to earn crypto passive income, with a fixed daily 4% ROI, daily rewards claiming, weekly 50% withdrawals, low fees and more! In this review, I cover all the relevant details of this amazing project and show you how to get started.

Golden BUSD has also been audited by George Stamp, and got quite a high score. Furthermore, the team is very responsive to the community, and has taken efforts to poll the community about what they'd most like to see with their project. The Golden BUSD team then implemented changes that reflected what the majority of community members wanted in a miner. This attentiveness to community sentiment is extremely encouraging, and helps to solidify trust in this promising BUSD mining project.

Golden BUSD has low fees, with deposits and withdrawals both coming in at 2%. For the deposit fees, 1% goes to marketing, and 1% goes to the dev. This low dev fee is also quite a good thing to see. Golden BUSD also has an unstake option for investors up until they have recovered their initial investment. The unstake option has a 50% tax that goes straight back to the TVL and not to the dev wallet.

Investors can earn up to 2x their initial investment, at which point a new investment is required to keep earning returns. This 2x profit limit helps maintain the health and stability of the Golden BUSD project.

Also worth noting, it is recommended to use MetaMask for optimal functionality.

Overall this project seems very promising, and I think GoldenBUSD has huge potential to make waves in the world of passive income crypto miners!

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