GPU MINING profitability and mining shed week 4 update, I switched from NEXA to DYNEX, how was it?

In this video I go over changes I am going to make to my mining farm in the next few weeks as time allows, I show you my new gpus mining on my test benches, and talk about what I have been mining over the last week and if it was profitable for me. I also ended up switching coins from NEXA to DYNEX for a week, I will go over why I did it and why I switched back to NEXA, as well as my mining plan for next week!
my discord
#nexa INFO: their discord their website their twitter the exchange you need to trade on. check up to date nexa price :the miner github
#dynex INFO Dynex official site the pool I was mining on to dynex coin mining pool stats dynex exchange
Pc part essentials (these are affiliate links, and I own and use each one of these items)
4090 gpu bracket:
Save money on cans of compressed air by using this air duster instead:
Thermal paste:
steam deck usb c adapter:
3 in 1 SD card reader:
replacement cemos batteries:
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