He Setup A $50,000 Cryptocurrency Mining Farm In His Moms Basement?!

An abandoned hot tub project inspired Joey to build a $50,000 Cryptocurrency GPU mining farm in his moms basement -- his results may surprise you!

Joey mined Bitcoin with his previous Avalon/Bitmain ASIC mining farm as well as Ethereum on his rx 470 mining rigs - now he is mining ZenCash, Zcash, Ravencoin, and Snowgem with his 1080 TI, 1070 TI, 1060 mining rigs. He has setup his rx570 and rx580 mining rigs to mine Loki a new Monero cryptonight heavy fork.

Joey is using this Tripp Lite 220-240v 30a PDU - http://geni.us/PSj5
Nvidia 1080 TI in Stock for Mining - http://geni.us/Pwr1
AMD Rx570 in Stock on Amazon - http://geni.us/r2VL

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