HISTORIC Crypto Events!! Cardano Surpasses Bitcoin & Ethereum | MAJOR ETH Fee Drop!!

Bitcoin is staying STRONG behind the scenes!! Telos launches a MASSIVE GRANT PROGRAM for developers!!! Ethereum makes HISTORY with lower gas fees that WE’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR!! Axie Infinity: Origins is LAUNCHING, Crypto.com makes a splash at the Super Bowl with LeBron James commercial, Cardano keeps RISING ABOVE Bitcoin and Ethereum!! And Injective Protocol is RALLYING HARD with some new launches and CROSS-CHAIN SUPPORT for Cosmos!!

0:00 Major Headlines
0:36 Introduction
0:58 Market Wrap
2:11 Telos Ignite Grant
2:54 Ethereum Hits Historic Lows
3:56 Axie Infinity: Origins Dropping
4:29 Crypto.com Super Bowl Commercial
5:02 Cardano Transaction Volumes Soaring
5:43 Massive Injective Protocol Rally

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