How Bitcoin Whales Really Make Money Trading Crypto | Max Boonen, Founder Of B2C2

Market makers in crypto are wildly misunderstood, as is the manner in which huge players trade. In this episode, Max Boonen, the founder of B2C2, explained the importance of market makers, and how their services and liquidity make the market more efficient. He broke down the reality of how whales trade, their actual impact, and how they are making money. Max also shared an incredible story on how whales once moved the market, one of my favorite anecdotes ever shared on the show. This conversation sheds a positive light on a powerful force in crypto that makes our market efficient for all players and offers a glimpse of what is to come.

Max Boonen:



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00:00 Intro
01:12 What Is A Market Maker?
04:08 Profit Lies In The Spread
06:09 The Importance Of Market Efficiency
15:20 How Does Big Money Move In Crypto?
21:00 Is Michael Saylor A Whale?
21:30 Kava Ad
22:12 Arculus Ad
26:09 What Is A Big Order?
33:28 DeFi And AMM In The Market
38:09 Finding Your Niche In DeFi
42:20 Max’s Involvement With The CME
45:15 A Government Auction Tanks BTC Price
48:05 Expectations For 2022
52:12 Max’s Genesis Story

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