How Bitcoin Will Make Housing Affordable Again

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In this video, I discuss how moving to a Bitcoin standard will help to demonetize housing, thus making it more affordable for people who are seeking a roof over their heads, rather than a piggy bank for the rich.

Bitcoin is a better store of value than real estate: more scarce, more portable, easy to invest in with $10 or $10 million, without property taxes or ongoing maintenance costs, and unconfiscatable.

Bitcoin will also hopefully put an end to the Fed and other central banks which have been largely responsible for giant housing booms and busts.

The time value of money will again be decided by the free market, not by a panel of investment bankers and lawyers. Leverage will come out of the real estate market, as we move from an economy based on debt to an economy based on sound money.

When you own Bitcoin for a while, everything around you starts to become more affordable including houses.

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Vancouver’s Empty Mansions Highlight Middle-Class Housing Woes:

Vancouver empty homes tax:

Russian and Chinese oligarchs buying Manhattan real estate:

Wall Street funds pricing out single family home buyers:

US median sales price for houses:

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