How Blockchain and Crytocurrency Can Disrupt The Gig Economy

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Right now, freelancers get paid mainly through online digital payment providers like PayPal.

However, the excessive fees inherent to PayPal – with some equating to around 4% – render it impractical for constant large-scale use.


Enter crypto.

Some say it could ease the transition.

Typical crypto transaction fees amount to mere pennies.

And when combined with the rapid confirmation speed of a blockchain transaction, this makes cryptocurrency a possibly ideal source of payment for a growing number of freelancers.

Not only that, a range of blockchain-based platforms are popping up.

Looking to decentralize the freelance bidding process.


So is crypto and blockchain an ally or threat to freelancers?

Let's find out on October 4, 2021, in our FLIP Chat & Chill at 6 pm.
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