How Blockchain Technology, Smart Contracts, and Tokenization will Disrupt Real Estate

How Blockchain Technology, Smart Contracts, and Tokenization will Disrupt Real Estate

Technology is always evolving and the real estate industry has always been at the forefront of technological advances. With the rise of blockchain technology, the impact on real estate will be felt by many in the future.

With blockchain technology and real estate, smart contracts will make real estate transactions quicker, more efficient, and reduce fees for all parties involved when a real estate transaction is completed. This stretches from lawyers, to realtors, to appraisers.

Blockchain real estate tokenization will allow greater liquidity compared to the legacy system we currently have in place. With groups like the International Blockchain Real Estate Association, they are bringing this technology and advancements to the real estate industry on a global scale

The digitization of real estate is on our doorstep and it will be super interesting to see properties being sold off as fractional ownership allowing real estate investing to the masses and to a greater scale.

The Blockchain will radically disrupt real estate


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