How Concordium is improving Privacy and Identity with Blockchain | Inside Blockchain

Concordium is interested in developing the African community and building strong partnerships with significant technological associations, as it seeks to identify the prevalent problems and offer sustainable solutions across the continent.

Lars Seier Christensen, Chairman of the Concordium Foundation, seats down with us on the Inside Blockchain to discuss prospects of the Concordium Blockchain and how it can be leveraged to build scalable solutions that will improve the African tech space.

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0:00 Intro
2:57 Concordium 2021 Milestones
6:07 Concordium - Balancing Privacy and Identity
9:50 Balancing Anonymity and Regulatory Compliance
12:40 Privacy is a Human Right
14:38 Solving the Problem of Identity Theft
17:34 Arivu Project - Solving the Problem of Greenwashing
22:35 Concordium 3rd-Party Identity Verifiers & Issuers
24:10 Concordium Privacy Revokers
28:37 Concordium's 3-Layer System
34:12 Incentives for the Nigerian Tech Community
34:51 Plans to Improve the Nigerian Tech Space
37:50 Conclusion
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