How does blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies work? | Simply Explained

This is an informal or casual talk wherein I have a blockchain expert with me, Anubhav Chaturvedi, who is explaining and solving every doubt that I have regarding the understanding of technology and cryptocurrencies. It covers all the aspects that a layman can understand and even an expert can understand. I have even asked him about the process of how he became an expert in this particular field, as I believe this is a totally new field.

As a finance guy with a basic understanding, this interview has cleared most of the doubts I had and in this video, you will get a sure shot systematic way of analysing crypto even if you have a non-tech background. I hope you enjoy this video.

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00:00 Introduction
00:34 Journey of learning and teaching blockchain
11:00 What is Blockchain?
12:39 How do Blockchain and Crypto work together?
18:46 Who are miners in Blockchain technology?
21:24 Cons of Cryptocurrencies and taxation matters over the world
22:25 How can Ukraine utilise its crypto donations?
23:00 Which coin to accept in case of multiple coins?
23:35 ROHAS Concept
27:13 Why should the government allow cryptos?
33:25 What should a non-tech person do?
37:30 Example of Polygon network
38:53 Tera/Luna Crash
40:50 Government also bringing crypto, so why problem with that?
46:57 De-dollarisation and stable coins
51:20 Which crypto's to buy? Suggestion given
52:00 What about volatility?
56:50 Initial Coin offerings
01:05:05 What is the future in the education sector?
01:08:00 Solving the problem of volatility
01:10:30 Why will people switch from UPI to crypto?
01:13:34 What will be the tax revenue impact on the government?
01:17:47 How does mining work?
01:20:40 What technical skills are required?
01:22:00 What will be there in the Anylearn Blockchain course?
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