How Is Centric Rise $CNR Deflationary?

Centric Rise (CNR) is a unique cryptocurrency that only goes up in price and is becoming more rare every hour. How is this possible? And, how is a cryptocurrency both deflationary (global supply) and inflationary (a price that only goes up)? In this video, I explain how.

As more and more people learn about the Centric Network, the value of the ecosystem will continue to go up along with the immutable price blocks of $CNR. Every hour, Centric Rise (CNR) yields more Centric Swap (CNS) value. A cryptocurrency that gains more network value every hour just for holding. #HODL. As Centric Rise (CNR) grows, the network burns tokens and becomes more valuable... Always remember that Centric is burning tokens every hour until Centric Swap (CNS) reaches a dollar. And then the burn and yield continue...forever. ➡️
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