How Scam Cryptocurrencies Are Made | Learn to Spot and Avoid Them

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Crypto scams are everywhere. Once you understand exactly how scam crypto tokens and projects are created, you won’t fall into the trap of investing into them! Learn why they are so rampant, and the process to make them.

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00:00. Scams are everywhere
00:54. Top 20 from 2017 vs. today
01:27. Video topics
02:00. Bad actors
02:30. Infamous YouTube scammer
03:35. CXcoin as a case study
05:15. Token price psychology
06:18. Apps used to create tokens
08:07. Adding liquidity for trading
09:13. Skillshare and crypto
10:12. Scammy marketing
11:13. A scam project website
12:49. What KYCs and audits REALLY mean
14:01. Legit project website comparison
14:41. Closing thoughts

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