How This Nightlight is a Cryptocurrency Miner! BLOCKCREATE CRYPTO MINING! This Miner Makes $4 a day!

In this video we take a look at blockcreate's cryptocurrency miner! Blockcreate is interesting to say the least! Blockcreates cryptocurrency miner sets out to take a gamified approach to the blockchain!

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Each persons block is assigned to a certain blockchain like Bitcoin! The higher the marketcap of your blockchain, the more you'll make! Blockcreates idea of gamifying the marketcaps of cryptocurrency is definitely a fun idea and will be interesting to see this play out!

Thanks for watching today's video everyone! This is not the end of my blockcreate videos! I will be releasing more soon about if I think this is a good investment or not!

Check out the blockcreate site here: https://blockcreate.io/
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Cryptocurrency Mining
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