How to Avoid Crypto Wallet Address Poisoning Scam - Part 3 How to protect me from address poisoning

How can I protect myself from address poisoning:

First off, there's no way of stopping people including scammers from sending transactions to your address.
Here's what we recommend
Above all: check and double-check addresses before you send
Avoid copying addresses from your transaction history, and, if you do, check them very carefully.
Use a hardware wallet.
Add frequently used addresses to your address book.
Consider using test transactions.

About APRIL:

The metaverse is emerging, and April is positioned to become a major player in this space.
We combine decentralized ID services with world-class consumer Dapps.

April is a blockchain-based project which builds Decentralized Applications (Dapps) where users earn rewards by playing games based on real-world events. A real-world event could be a football match played between two countries. Real-world event games are powered by our decentralized identity technologies.

NFT Utilization

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