How To Bank Off The Super Bowl Tax Free! | With Q&A

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02:34 Augusta Rule
08:16 State and Local Tax
10:58 Issues and Protecting the Home
13:32 Q1: Be tax preparer
16:58 Q2: Augusta rule and other properties
18:49 Q3: IRS regulations and timeshare
19:42 Q4: Augusta Rule, S-Corp, and meetings
23:01 Q5: Section 8 HUD Housing
25:05 Q6: Mark’s Calendars and CTA list
27:33 Q7: Rental Room Write-offs
29:26 Q8: Mark’s CPA help
30:20 Q9: IRS Paperwork for non-deductible
33:36 Q10: Solo 401K
36:37 Q11: Crypto
41:29 Q12: Full-Time STR risks
44:49 Q13: Reduce Taxable Income
17:52 Q14: Mark’s sessions
49:35 Q15: Renting to Your Own Business
53:17 Q16: Limits in Roth IRA
55:28 Q17: 401K issue
56:50 Q18: Hiring your Child
59:22 Book Give Aways

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