How to Become a Blockchain Developer in 2023? | Roadmap to Become Blockchain Developer| Simplilearn

"This video on How to become a Blockchain Developer in 2023 covers all the necessary details from basics to advance to become a high-end Blockchain Developer. This video will give you insights into what skills, like smart contracts, hyperledgers and etc., will be beneficial for your growth and not just that, it will also help you gain perspective over your how-to become a Blockchain developer journey, the eligibility criteria, and it will make you understand the hype of Blockchain developers in today's date.
In this video, you will come across the following:

00:00 - Introduction
02:25 - Who is a Blockchain Developer?
06:57 - What are the types of Blockchain Developer
15:26 - What are the steps to becoming a Blockchain Developer?
51:32 - Obstacles in learning Blockchain
54:30 - What is the salary of a Blockchain Developer?
56:13 - What are the companies hiring Blockchain Developers?"

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