How to Make Money in Crypto and Not Lose It? All New Crypto Market Indicators on Token Metrics

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Token Metrics has built a new framework to analyze the cryptocurrency market. In 2021, we launched the TM Grade, which uses machine learning algorithms to rate a coin’s strength based on daily, weekly, and monthly time horizons. Today, we’re proud to build upon this innovation with the release of the new Market page.

The Market page expands upon the TM Grade to give investors an aggregate view of the cryptocurrency market. The page includes eleven new features which provide the data necessary to determine trends, spot tops and bottoms, and find the next big movers. New features include:

• TM Market Indicator
• Total Crypto Market Capitalization
• Bitcoin vs. Altcoin Season
• Annualized Historical Volatility
• Sector Analysis
• Breakout Strategy
• Low-Frequency Trend Strategy
• Bull and Bear Meter
• Top 20 Daily Performers
• Worst 20 Daily Performers
• Market Movers

Given the volatility of crypto markets, successful investors need access to real-time, intelligent tools. By analyzing prices via machine learning, Token Metrics provides a perspective removed from the market’s constant state of frenzy.

Important: *For a limited time, Token Metrics will launch the Market page for FREE on app.tokenmetrics.com. Click here (https://app.tokenmetrics.com/market) to access the TM Market page.*


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