How to Make Money with Cryptocurrency / Bitcoin - 5 Ways on Binance!

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In this video, I talked about 5 ways you can make money with cryptocurrency. This is one of a two-part video series within the #FinanceFriday series, I already talked about how you can buy Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, and the likes via the P2P method. However, right here I’ll be showing you how to actually make money with it. This video is made with beginners in mind, however if you’re an expert, you’re also welcome to watch. Now make sure you download the #Binance app.


0:00 - Introduction
1:40 - Preface
2:23 - Investing and Trading
5:43 - Staking and Lending
8:02 - Offering a Service
9:06 - Following Platforms
10:17 - Airdrops
10:38 - Arbitrage
11:29 - Outro


How to Buy Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency via P2P:

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