How to Mine Vkax & Profits - Spec Mining

Spec mining is a risk and you should only do it if you can afford to cover your overhead and pay for electricity. Or your electricity is free!! You can make some decent gains by finding a new crypto, mining it earlier to get a decent bag, and selling before it goes mainstream. Or HoDL long term for that chance of big profits, if the project doesn't go bust.. first.. but it is a matter of luck and the project devs innovating. For me, it can be fun to play with a new algo and crypto to see how my hardware is doing, but I just want to share the data and you can make the decision. Check out the links below, to other resources regarding this crypto, and please know, that I am not affiliated with them. Take care

Vkax official Website:

Vkax Whitepaper:

Vkax wallet:

Mining Pool Stats for pools and exchanges:

RPlant mining pool, but please spread your hashrate out:

More hashrate data on Reddit:

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