How to Purchase & Earn Coin (CRO) Using the App

00:00 Intro
00:33 Setup Account
01:00 Buy CRO with your Debit/Credit Card
02:15 Buy CRO from your Fiat Wallet
03:53 Buy CRO by Trading from Your Crypto Wallet
04:23 Earn CRO by Referrals
04:50 Earn CRO by Using the VISA Debit Card
05:58 Earn CRO buy Using VISA to pay for Spotify & Netflix
07:01 How to the 100% Rebate for Spotify & Netfix Works
08:04 How to “Top Up” your VISA Card
08:38 Other Benefits of the App
09:04 How to Store your CRO in the DeFi Wallet
10:03 Earn CRO by Staking in the Earn Program
11:09 Recap

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