HOW TO SET GOALS FOR 2022 - Set Your New Year Resolutions for 2022

Do you know how to set goals for 2022? Set your new year resolutions for 2022 to make the new year a success. Set goals for 2022 for high performance - this is what Heinrich, a former McKinsey consultant, talks about in this video. Learn how to set goals and achieve them. Learning how to set goals and how to set resolutions for the new year is important, not only in business but also for your professional life. New year new me? This 2022 goal setting advice will help you to plan and set your goals for the next year and provide new years resolution ideas. Plan with me what you want to accomplish 2022.

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00:00 Setting goals for 2022
01:36 Professional Goals and OKRs
05:07 Starting a Side Hustle in 2022
05:45 Health and Sports Goals
06:36 Personal Growth Goals
08:32 Get the Goal Setting Template

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