How to Sound Smart About Crypto

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If things like Ethereum and Dogecoin make your head spin, you might just need Crypto 101

Crypto is all anybody can talk about these days. But how do you engage without revealing yourself to be ignorant about the intracacies of the Bitcoin market? We'll tell you how in this episode of How to Sound Smart About Crypto

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Written by Amanda Scherker and Amelia Buzzell
Hosted by Chelsea Pope
Produced by Amanda Scherker and Michael Luxemburg

Animation Production Company – GoPoint Studios
Director – Douglas Rowell
Producer – Douglas Rowell
Line Producer – Andrea García
Storyboards – Mauricio Ceballos
Art Direction – Luis Medrano
Artist – Arantxa Ahedo
Technical Artist – Rogelio Cordero
Supporting Motion Graphics – Rogelio Cordero

Additional Editing by Olivia Redden

Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound

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