How to Use Coinbase Wallet App - Cryptocurrency Wallet

Coinbase wallet is a decentralised cryptocurrency wallet by Coinbase. You can link up your Coinbase account, but to transfer crypto into your Coinbase wallet you need to pay network fees. How to use Coinbase Wallet for beginners.

Trade on Coinbase: https://coinbase-consumer.sjv.io/KkyZn
Coinbase Wallet: https://wallet.coinbase.com
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0:00 Intro
1:12 Setup
2:50 Settings
4:25 Connect Coinbase account
5:29 Receive crypto from Coinbase
7:17 Receive crypto from elsewhere
8:34 Send crypto
9:08 DAPPS

Best hardware wallets: https://youtu.be/c9G3PymR-Wc
Best software wallets: https://youtu.be/7v8OmWSqu9o
Coinbase app tutorial: https://youtu.be/G90yqthZHkg

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