Step 1: You have to create an account with them first.

If you don't have any account with them the you can sign and complete your registration and verification

But if you already have an account with them and it's completely verify then you just log in.

Important: Never share your password with anyone, even a Goespay employee. You will lose your money.

Step 2: Click on this link to add your payment card details.

It's only UBA and standard chartered card that work

You can add a picture to your account. If you want to?
On your account, you will see all your details information.

You have to scroll down to where you will see Add A New Credit Card then click ok Add A New Credit Card.
Please, fill all the correct box with the correct information on your VISA/MASTERCARD card then click on Add Card.

Also click on phone number. Add Phone then put in your name and phone number. Use your normal phone number that start with 080, 090, 070 and So on but it's the phone number you use to register and complete your verification you will use.
Please, don't add +234 to your phone number.

Next step, you have to scroll down to add your Crypto wallet address. You can copy your wallet address from binance or any Crypto exchanger or wallet you are using.
Once you click on your wallet address
Put the name of the coin then on currency. Please, select the particular currency you are interested.
They are different types of currency on the box like

Please, note that BEP20 & TRC20 are the network which BUSD & USDT can be transfer through. If you put a Wrong network, you will not get the crypto on your wallet.
So, you have to be very careful.

Important information: You can copy your wallet address from trust wallet, metamask or any Crypto exchanger wallet like binance, Coinbase, kucoin, gate, and so on.

Then you can pick either
Bitcoin or BNB or BUSD BEP20 or USDT TRC20

But will normally use USDT TRC20
But best use USDT TRC20

Then copy any of the wallets address from binance and paste it on the address box. Click on Add address.

Please, you can add as many wallet address from the range lists on the currency box.

Everything will be update on your account once.

Please, you have to complete Step 2 before going to Step 3.

Step 3: Click on this link
Once you click on the above link.

Your wallet page will open
You will see make deposit.

Put in the amount in XOF
But use 54000 XOF or Less or More but best buy 54000XOF

The next thing to do, go the payment mode. You have to click on the box to select payment mode from the list.

You are international as a Nigerian. So, you click on VISA/MASTERCARD - Mode2

Important information: Disclaimer
Transaction fees are 3.6% so make sure you have enough money on your card to cover our fees and your bank.
After several failures do not insist
Make sure you have a good internet connection.
Claim by clicking on the transaction
Do not make more than three transactions with the same card per day.

Please, read through the disclaimer to understand deposit into your Goespay wallet.

Then you click on make deposit.

Please, you have to complete Step 2, Step 3 before going to Step 4.

Step 4: Click on this link

On trading, it's the finally stage.
You will see the available balance on Goespay.

You have to scroll down

You will see, crypto trading
Click on the currency box then you can select from the one you select and use in Step 2.

You remember Step 2 Crypto wallet address.
But best use USDT TRC20 on Step 2.

Then after clicking USDT TRC20

Go to:
I want (USDT TRC20)
In put the amount you need. You can put from 10 - Over 100

Go to:
I gave (XOF)
But make sure you have enough XOF on your wallet.

Check this example below:
10 USDT TRC20 will give you about 3760XOF

then 100 USDT TRC20 will give you about 67500XOF

You need to have enough XOF

Go to: Select the wallet address which already input in Step 2. Just click the box and your wallet address under USDT TRC20 will appear.

Then click Buy.

You will get an instant message on your phone and email. Telling your have credit your Crypto wallet address on binance or any Crypto wallet address you use.

Step 5: Just log in to your binance or trust wallet or matamask or any Crypto wallet address to see your crypto.
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