How Yield Farming Changed my Relationship with Money: A Crypto Farmer's New Year

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As we enter the new year, I discuss how yield farming of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and CRO, and the triple digit APRs, have changed my relationship with money. We start by comparing yield farming with just HODLing as often recommended by various crypto communities, and then take a personal finance angle, discussing how we can reevaluate our daily personal finance decisions in 2022, taking into account the rates on offer in DeFi.

As always, Investing in cryptocurrencies carries risk. Videos are for education and entertainment purposes only, and none of it constitutes financial or tax advice - always do your own research and consider your own financial needs and local regulations before investing!

0:00 Intro & Shilling
1:25 What's up in Farming this week
2:19 Investing Mindset: To HODL or To Farm?
8:39 Spending Mindset Changes: To Pay now or later?
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