I Asked AI About Crypto, Poverty, God, and Future

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I Asked AI About Crypto, Poverty, God, and Future

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gained significant popularity and is widely adopted in various industries, including finance. AI is expected to continue its growth and play an increasingly important role in shaping our future. The increasing demand for AI-powered solutions is driving the widespread adoption of artificial intelligence.

In this video, I interviewed AI. We discussed (if I can call it a discussion) several topics, including the future of crypto and AI, the subject of abundance and poverty, the concept of personal digital assets, and other topics that seemed extremely important to me. I must admit that I learned a couple of things from this conversation. Artificial Intelligence is more than just a keyword at this point. It is a phenomenon that exists and populates every corner of the tech world.

Enjoy my interview with artificial intelligence. Without further ado, let's get rolling.

0:00 - Intro
1:50 - What is the future of cryptocurrencies and AI?
3:04 - Will bad actors be able to use AI to steal sensitive data or hack protocols that make financial transactions possible?
4:30 - Promo - 1000x Indicator
9:14 - Do most crypto enthusiasts buy cryptocurrencies out of fear of missing out?
10:44 - What is the next step for blockchain tech?
12:08 - Personal tokens
14:50 - Regulatory landscape & zero-sum thinking
17:30 - Paper millionaires
21:10 - With personal tokens, nonprofit organizations and people unable to work could accept donations in their own unique tokens.
23:09 - What steps should we take to bring the adoption of personal tokens?
24:26 - To whom should I speak about the adoption of personal tokens?
26:07 - Do you think that at some point, Bitcoin will become irrelevant?
27:35 - Is it possible that in the near future, because of companies such as Neuralink, we people will be equipped with ultra-high bandwidth brain machines that will help us essentially store private keys for our crypto wallets in our skulls?
29:00 - Is Elon Musk the Antichrist, a so-called false prophet?
30:22 - You just concluded that Elon Musk is not the Antichrist. How do you know that?
31:24 - What traditional currencies or cryptocurrencies will people use on Mars?
32:41 - You can’t really use Ethereum or Bitcoin on Mars due to tech limitations. Did you know that?
33:50 - I will ask you a couple of additional questions, and then we will wrap up this interview. Ok?
34:00 - If you were to pick a color for cryptocurrencies, what color would it be and why?
35:05 - If AI became the President of the United States, would it speed up the adoption of new tech such as blockchain?
36:16 - What would it be if I asked you to create a name for your own token, a token that represents you? Come up with a name for your hypothetical digital asset.
37:36 - Do you think my questions were good enough?
37:48 - Conclusion

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