I Discovered True Privacy in Crypto (Railgun)

Privacy is NOT only for bad actors in crypto. There are plenty of valid reasons to want to keep your crypto activity private. Unfortunately on-chain privacy sucks right now. That's why when this new solution came out called Railgun, I was super excited. So in this sponsored video we're going to talk about privacy in crypto, how Railgun solves it beautifully, and how you can use them TODAY!

Disclosure: Like I mentioned in the video, this is sponsored by the RAILGUN DAO Donors.

Try out the Railway wallet here: https://railway.app.link/Coinsider
Learn more about Railgun here: https://railgun.app.link/coinsider

0:00 Intro
0:48 The State of On-chain Privacy
1:23 Current Solutions Inadequate
2:19 Why Privacy Matters
3:27 Introducing Railgun
4:29 How it Works
8:36 Try it out Today!

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