I Lost $20,000 trying to build a Solar Powered Bitcoin Mining Farm

I'm so frustrated, stressed, and just devastated. Here's how I lost $20,000 trying to force a solar-powered Bitcoin mining farm before this insane crypto bullrun... Subscribe to VoskCoin - http://voskco.in/Sub
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I was so excited to build out a solar-powered Bitcoin and Ethereum mining farm and document the entire journey here on YouTube for you all! Unfortunately, the solar mining farm build plans have blown up in my face. Not only was the lot perfect for a crypto mining farm powered with solar panels but we were also building our dream home next to the crypto mining farm. I am are losing thousands of dollars from losses on the build, the planning, closing costs, and several other factors let alone opportunity cost... Recently reviewing the losses I will be losing over $20,000 dollars and that's before potentially realizing a loss on selling the lot. Regardless I am not giving up and have a plan for how I can still build a Bitcoin mining farm powered by solar panels.

VoskCoin bought 50 acres for a solar-powered Bitcoin mining farm - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgMe1tTHpH0
Rough plans for building a solar powered BTC mining farm - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsw-2qlm4po
Watch the BEST DIY solar power Bitcoin crypto mining farm tour - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrQ3-q2K03Q

⏰ Timestamps ⏰
0:00 Bad news for the mining farm
0:44 The VoskCoin cryptocurrency journey
1:48 VoskCoin Bitcoin crypto mining shed
3:55 VoskCoin solar mining farm plan
5:25 I'm losing a lot of money
8:21 The lot was perfect for a mining farm
9:31 Get $250 for free, how?
10:30 Inspiration from CrazyDane solar miner
12:35 What's next for VoskCoin
14:10 Solar-powered mining farm v2?
16:23 The ethos of the VoskCoin YouTube channel
17:23 What are your thoughts on solar mining?

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