If you're Investing In Cryptocurrency You Need To Watch This! (Mid to Microcap Mindset)

Mindset has a HUGE role to play in crypto. Understanding your mindset and risk tolerance is crucial to survive!

Welcome back to another video!

I want you to ask yourself, are you a worrier or a WARRIOR? Are you one of those people that let the day-to-day percent increases or decreases affect your mood? Then perhaps you would really benefit from watching this video!

It's all about risk tolerance and mindset when it comes to cryptocurrency, but more so the smaller projects, like mid to microcap levels. The further down the ladder we drop, the larger the steps (or % +/-) seem to be. SO if you cannot control your emotions then you may need to renegotiate WHY you are investing in such projects. Believe in the long-term in your investments, short term results may be a fantastic bragging right at your next social event, but the real winners are those who invest in for the future.

Thank you all so much for your support, it means so much!

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Love you all, and stay safe

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