IglooPac active cooling for Gekkoscience Bitcoin Miners

❄️❄️❄️❄️Introducing IglooPac❄️❄️❄️❄️

Our innovative "IglooPac" low-profile fan shroud design paired with a whisper quiet 7 CFM cooling fan allows optimal active cooling for Gekkoscience USB #Bitcoin miners.


❄️Slips over the heatsink and clips onto the PCB without contacting any components

❄️Allows effective cooling without any cable ties, screws or adhesives, even when used in a vertical position

❄️In-built, back-stopper prevents this from sliding down or out

❄️Fluted side-fin design, ensures a firm grip without impeding heat dissipation from the heatsink.

❄️3D Printed with premium PETG material that prevents warpage or deformation up to 110C.

❄️Low profile shroud and fan with a total assembly thickness of just 38mm

❄️High quality, low profile, whisper quiet USB fan that pushes 7 cfm and rated for 50,000 hours

❄️Reliably overclock Gekkoscience Compac F devices to 380 Gh using IglooPac

❄️Available for sale separately, or bundled with Compac F
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