Immersion Cooling an S19J Pro Bitcoin ASIC Miner With a Two Loop Heat Exchanger

This is a DIY Immersion Cooling Dielectric Fluid system with two loops.. Fluid circulated through a tank with an S19 Bitcoin Miner in it to a pump and then a heat exchanger - and a second loop circulates just water through a pump, the heat exchanger, a tank and then a radiator. This was the hot water can be used for other things like heating a pool, heating water for a water heater, heating a floor with piping.

What Mining Pool Do I Use?

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The Heat Exchnager:
The Radiator:
The Fan:
L6-20r receptical 20 amps
10 guage wire -
8 guage wire -
PDU Power Distribution Unit -
Exhaust Fan -
C14 to C13 cables -
Klein Amp Clamp meter -
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