Impress Girls With Crypto?! - Cryptocurrencies For Beginners

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Bringing to you that one video you always needed for everything you need to know about cryptocurrencies & the concept of blockchain technology. The crypto revolution in India has already begun & is definitely here to stay.

In this video, we cover 4 Facts on India's Next Big Revolution i.e. Cryptocurrency as a regular and safe investment option. Information has power. Your information is used by the government from the bank to determine your credit score. Blockchain is based on the technology that holds all the power, why is that one person, or one organization holds all the power? Here comes the concept of decentralization of power. If we all embrace blockchain technology, then, there won't be a single organization that has access to all your data. Building a system where cryptocurrency holders can take part and invest in the grand internet market. Here's all you need to know.

We've heard a lot of myths and assumptions on how crypto is bad, and many of us outright reject the idea behind it. Well, this video will help you clear all the doubts you ever had about crypto & blockchain technology.

Personally, from the conversations I've had with experts in the crypto field like Sumit Gupta, Nitin Kamath & Sandeep Nailwal, there are two common points which all experts vouch for. First, it is always recommended to invest a substantial amount that one can risk from their savings to add to their investment portfolio for cryptocurrency. And, second, the two cryptocurrencies that are considered to be safest are Bitcoin and Ethereum, which one can start investing in, to begin with.

Sumit Gupta is the co-founder of CoinDCX, which is India's largest and safest Cryptocurrency exchange! With its valuation of over ₹100 crores, CoinDCX is trying to educate people like you and me to understand how Cryptocurrency works from the very basic.

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