Increase Mining Profits by reducing your rigs POWER CONSUMPTION (How to improve efficiency guide)

In this video I go through how you can increase your mining profits by lowering the power consumption of your mining rig. By lowering your mining rigs power consumption, you will have to pay less money on your electricity bill and therefore make more money mining cryptocurrency. The ways I show you how to reduce your power include purchasing more efficient power supplies and running your PSUs at their peak efficiency load. You can also make sure you purchase GPUs that have good hashrate efficiency (meaning they get a high hashrate per watt consumed) and spend time finding good efficient overclock settings for your graphics cards. Finally I explain why changing the CPU and CPU cooler in your rig could be a good idea based on the previous video on my channel, as well as underclocking and undervolting your CPU to lower the power consumption of your mining rig even further. After watching the video I hope you'll have learned how to lower the power consumption of your mining rig and how to increase your mining profit with better efficiency.

Check out Red Fox Crypto's video on power efficiency:

Learn how to overclock:

Why I'm changing the CPU in my mining rigs:

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