INSANE mining efficiency on AMD GPUs (HiveOS overclocking guide)

In this video I sit down with @Kiwi Crypto Miner as he walks us through the full process of overclocking AMD GPUs for mining in HiveOS. This ultimate guide on AMD GPU overclocking for mining walks you through how to optimize all overclock and undervolt settings for any AMD GPU mining any coin. For example you can use this guide for RX 6600 Ethereum overclock settings, RX 6600 XT Ravencoin overclock settings or RX 6700 XT Ergo overclock settings. In this video we apply this overclocking approach on my RX 6700 XT to find the perfect Ravencoin overclocking settings that give us the best hashrate and efficiency. After watching this video I hope you will have learned how to overclock AMD GPUs for mining and how to find AMD mining overclock settings.

Please check out Kiwi Crypto Miner on YouTube:

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