Inside a Billion Dollar Bitcoin Mining Farm!

Today we are walking through a billion-dollar Bitcoin mining farm, that mines millions of Bitcoins, and other cryptocurrencies, but unfortunately for Core Scientific and CORZ investors, a crypto bear market hit... Subscribe!

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Core Scientific turned millions of dollars of cash, into millions of Bitcoin and a billion-dollar stock CORZ, Core Scientific has multiple mind-blowing Bitcoin and Crypto mining farm facilities, but rapid expansion along with luxurious spending led to Core Scientific running out of cash, even after they liquidated all of their Bitcoin leaving CORZ stock investors in shambles... Here's an exclusive VoskCoin Deeper In The Mines Mining Farm Tour video walkthrough and interview with Core Scientific Mining, learn more about CORZ mining farm!

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Drew Vosk toured the Marble North Carolina and Dalton Georgia Core Scientific mining farms in 2019, and VoskCoin had planned to go do a video tour of the Core Scientific Kentucky Bitcoin mining farm in 2020 but unfortunately, that plan fell through due to the global situation at that time. What are your thoughts on the Core Scientific CORZ BTC crypto mining farm? Share in the comments!

⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Core Scientific: Billions to Bankrupt
03:04 Core Scientific Dalton Georgia facility tour
04:00 Technician's office
05:50 Production floor
09:29 Second field building
13:30 Facility power distribution
14:20 Third field building
15:25 New miner deployment & construction
17:10 Electrical setup
18:06 Measuring power consumption
20:07 Technicians & networking
22:15 AI aisle electrical equipment
23:37 AI aisle data centre
25:09 In-house miner repair centre
26:40 Office space & monitoring
28:16 VoskCoin Core Scientific Dalton tour

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