INTRADAY Trading Strategy on CRYPTOcurrencies implemented in Python [highly recommended to watch]

Hi everyone,
in this video I am constructing an Intraday Trading Strategy based on 1 minute granular data (later extended to higher timeframes) coming to interesting results. The idea behind this is capturing short term reversals efficiently and directly cash in capital gains and don't be in the market for too long.

Quite some interesting results right? COMMENT FOR BUILDING A TRADINGBOT out of that! :-)

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PREREQUISITES (please watch):

Cryptocurrency price pull function (Binance API):

More efficient way to work with Intraday Price data using SQL:

Trailing Stop Loss both explained AND coded in Python:

How returns are calculated and cumulated:

Also for a better understanding of iterative Trading Strategies please check out some videos in the Python for Finance playlist and also the cryptobot playlist.

If you need anything more please just scream in the comment section!

Disclaimer: This video is not an investment advice and is for informational and educational purposes only.

00:00 - 01:50 Strategy & Disclaimer
01:50 - 07:08 Buying conditions
07:08 - 12:22 Trading Strategy (incl. Trailing Stop Loss)
12:22 - 14:15 Profit calculation
14:15 - 18:22 Results (Profit, Equity Curve , Fee consideration,...)
18:22 - 21:50 Daily Data / Multiple timeframes
21:50 - 22:09
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