Introducing - Neox is the future of payments system for cryptocurrencies

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What are the project features?

If I say in simple words, Neox is the future of payments system for cryptocurrencies. many crypto exchanges, debit, or credit card companies are not enabled to use all the cryptocurrencies. because you will be just able to use Ether and bitcoin for exchange. but Neox enables all off users to use all the currency, like Ether, bitcoin, and more than 100+ popular altcoin.

neox team growing their company since 2020 and the system has undergone considerable further development. they have their team of data scientists, front-end and back-end developers, data analysts, network and infrastructure engineers, online marketers, and conversion optimization, specialists. Thus Neox has the best conditions to market and further develop their product.

Why will you use NeoxCard than other credit or debit?

You will be able to use cryptocurrency more than 100+ altcoin through Neox. Freeze and unfreeze your Neox card with a single tap. This makes our system more secure than traditional credit and debit card systems. The ability to exchange money at precise interbank exchange rates using the Neox card app. Profit-sharing for each Neox token holder in Ethereum. also, you will be able to use fiat currency using a Neox crypto credit card.

Why NEOX is better than the competition?
In this graph, you can see at individual features that Neox has to offer in contrast to the competition.

Fees Comparison Table
This chart shows all fees associated with the use of the Neox Card. Using the table you can easily compare other providers and see how the Neox Card stands out from the competition.

What is The Wallet App?
The wallet app will be available for Android and iOS and will be updated regularly. The internal exchange will be integrated into the app, so you can exchange your cryptocurrency anytime and anywhere. Soon you can apply for a crypto credit directly in the App which will be credited to your Neox card as fiat currency.

How To Work Payment Process?
Each time a user spends cryptocurrency or withdraws at an ATM, Neoxcard provides Fiat currencies in exchange for cryptocurrencies. The Neox card allows users to transact real-time payments without first needing to convert the cryptocurrency in their wallet. The chart below explains the payment flow.

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